July 10, 2013

A ghostly bed

The Niagara Region is fully of haunted locations and Old Fort Erie and Fort George have their share of ghost stories.

Captain Kingsley's bed at Old Fort Erie
One ghost story from Old Fort Erie involves Captain Kingsley’s bed located in the fort’s officers’ quarters. The bed served as Kingsley’s campaign bed as he was part of the King’s 8th Regiment of Foot while serving in the Niagara during the war. Kingsley suffered from a lung disease that forced him to sleep in an upright position in order to allow his lungs to drain fluids during the night. The captain attempted various treatments such as bleeding and taking mercury pills. These ‘cures’ caused Kingsley to have terrible nightmares, fevers and mood swings. The mercury slowly broke down his body until he finally died in his campaign bed in 1813.

Many believe that Kingsley has not left his bed due to his horrible death. Staff and visitors to Old Fort Erie have reported hearing voices and footsteps near the bed. Some visitors have even reported feeling the presence of someone or strange feelings when near the captain’s bed.

If you want to find out more about this haunted bed, make sure you head to Old Fort Erie on July 12 or August 23rd for their ghost tour. You can also head to Fort George for their ghost tours happening every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night in July and August. What will you see?

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